Of Pigeons and Meth

Off the back of my small apartment, I have a small balcony. It peers out peacefully over a courtyard that is bounded on its opposite side by the parallel wing of my building, two mirror halves that rise like medieval castle bulwarks above the kempt grass and decorative stone pathways that the management-company representative serenely called a “zen garden” when I […]

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Stegosaurus: Three Cheers for Dystopia

The latest production of FaultLine Theater, “Stegosaurus (Or) Three Cheers for Climate Change,” not only possesses the most complex and enigmatic name of any of the company’s pieces to date, it is also unquestionably the group’s most intentionally-dissonant and jarring output of at least the past year. For as long as I have been aware of FaultLine, it has had a consistent self-description: […]

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Tinderella: Magic, Way More Than Less

The best way to understand a modern phenomenon is often through the lens of something well-worn and familiar, and FaultLine Theater has proven their mastery of this approach through and through with their undeniable new musical, “Tinderella.” If you haven’t already guessed from the portmanteau name, this production takes the storyline bones of the old Cinderella chestnut and […]

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